Do you know all about the feng shui knowledge of all copper lamps in the corridor?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-09
Chinese people are very particular about feng shui, and so are the purchase of lamps. What they often hear is feng shui for living room lamps and feng shui for bedroom lamps, but they do not know that corridor lamps and lanterns also pay attention to feng shui, the following small series will show you some knowledge of feng shui on all copper lamps in the corridor. The classic copper lamp is full of classical charm and simple and connotative. In the corridor lamp feng shui also has the function of a town house, can enhance the master's career. The all-copper lamp with fashionable elements is not only novel in design but also modern. In the corridor lamp feng shui can play a role in helping people progress and promoting wealth. If the corridor is to create a bright feeling, then the lights in the corridor must be sufficient. If the light is dim, it will have a negative impact on the master's career development. Therefore, if conditions permit, it is best to choose a round all-copper chandelier or all-copper ceiling lamp, because the circle has the meaning of doing things satisfactorily. For corridors that lack sunlight, the corridors will be in a dim environment. Living in such an environment for a long time can easily cause depression.
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