diy tiffany lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-24
Tiffany\'s lamp is very beautiful. . . very expensive.
Here is a tutorial on how to make a la Tiffany yourself in a cheap, simple and creative way :-)
You need: fill the bowl with 1/3 of water, add plaster or cement and mix as long as you receive the uniform quality of the thickness.
Optional: add some small stones:-add part of plaster or cement)
Let it dry. (1st photo)
Pull out the form in about 24 hours (2nd photo)
Drill holes on wooden slats and attach them together with the help of screws, butterfly screws and metal washers. (3rd photo)
Nail the lamp to the frame with a nail or screw (
Photos 4 and 5)voila!
The New Light Holder is ready and you can paint, Polish or tape.
A solid foundation is important not only in the House :-)
50/50 mixture of glue and water. see photos :-)
From the frame of the paper barrel to the flowers and leaves cut from the shirt. (1st photo)
Each piece of fabric is soaked in a mixture of water and glue (2nd photo)
A new lampshade and a 24-hour placement in the balloon (3rd photo)
You can replace the balloon with the Beach ballLampshade, which is made of viscose, which is why it would be nice to strengthen it extra. Voila!
The new la Tiffany light loves it very much and looks great during the day and at night even though it is better at night.
It makes everything look amazing.
Reading Edgar Ellen Poe in such an atmosphere is an amazing feeling.
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