diy super bright led laptop keyboard light (1w high power)

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-24
The eyes are precious, and today we will convert cheap keyboard lights into the ultimate, brightest, high-power lights to protect them.
Some of you may know that I have modified the Ebay/China laptop keyboard light with 7.
The 62mm overcurrent LEDs come back sometimes.
Same guide here-
After using it for a few months, I found that a super flux LED is still not enough for my nightly article writing.
The keyboard is bright but the surrounding area is still dark.
I want to stand up.
I do not want to disturb my family by turning on the lights in the room;
However, I want to take good care of my eyes and health.
I would like to have a light bright enough to read/work without squinting. What then?
1 w high power LED!
These babies are very smart and they light not only your laptop keyboard, but also the area around the keyboard.
You can read the files placed near your laptop.
It would be great if you converted a hard copy into a digital file.
Next page please.
The last page also shows some alternate uses! Steps-1)
Disconnect LED indicator 2)
Pry the lens into the LED insi3)
Cut the LED wires and save them to future projects (Eg toys)4)
Buy 1 w high power LED from your favorite store.
In some stores, these are also called \"Star of the beautiful News \". 5)
Find a radiator of the right size
It should match the look of your laptop.
A thin and long piece of aluminum works well.
I used a 1 cm X 3 cm plate.
It is essential to keep the LED cool! 6)
Connect the LED to the radiator.
I recommend the use of Arctic epoxy, but the strong glue works well too. 5)
Calculate the new resistance value for your LED.
1 w high power LED can withstand up to 350 mA current.
This is more than 15 times the normal 5mm LED.
Please make sure your radiator can withstand that much heat.
There is a very good LED calculator here. (
Thanks to its creator)ports are 5v.
The usual white LED voltage is 3. 3~3. 5v.
I used a 12 ohm, 1/2 Watt resistor to keep the current comfortable at 140 mA.
It is always recommended to keep the current LED specs slightly below the max. 6)Solder and Re-fit.
I put the radiator (with LED on it)
To the cone of the existing laptop lamp.
The wires are just hidden in cones.
My radiator barely warmed after 2 hours of operation as the LED was very poorrated. 7)
Insert and enjoy!
In addition to lighting up the keyboard, this innovative light can also be plugged into any USB charger to be used-
Reading lamp night lamp accent lighting car Map Lamp (Via Car USB)
Thanks, don\'t forget to comment!
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