[Distribution and Channels] Tan Huifeng: Cost Control LED Lighting Product Promotion

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-04

Since LED lighting products are a combination of many industries, it is impossible for manufacturers to provide all related products independently. The same is true for distributors. In addition to LED components, other projects are mostly customized. For example, in the case of heat-dissipating substrates and concentrating mirrors, the customer's customization ratio of the products is very high, and it is not a unified standard product, so it is not easy to distribute. However, in electronic products, distributors have advantages. For example, LEDs, LEDdrivers, LEDPowerSupply, etc. can provide standard products and solutions, and even provide the entire board for customers to refer to, and customers only need to look at the construction. Yes.

There are many manufacturers of LEDdriver, and we are also agents of many manufacturers. When it comes to its application and promotion, we mainly look at two aspects, one is efficiency and the other is price. We try to help our customers get the best balance between them, or choose a vendor based on their needs. Some customers may have high efficiency requirements, but they are not sensitive to price. We will help them choose more high-end products. The threshold of LEDdriver low-end products is not high, especially for products on 1 watts to 20 watts, but the technical content is higher than 100 watts. For example, the requirements for LED drivers on street lighting with large wattage are much higher than those for general lighting.

Unlike the backlight market, the LED lighting market has just started, and there is no uproar yet. This market needs to be nurtured. Its development is also constrained by a number of factors. Technically, although LED lighting is already in commercial use, it is not fully mature, efficiency needs to be improved, and the theoretical value of service life has not been truly tested by practice. In addition, it is not always possible to achieve theoretical values ​​in terms of energy saving. Some people have compared the general lighting and LED lights of the office under the same illumination conditions, and found that LEDs only save about half of the electricity compared with ordinary lighting.

In addition to technical factors, the biggest reason for restricting the development of LED lighting is the high cost. Compared with traditional lamps, the cost of LED lamp construction is 4 to 6 times higher than that of traditional lamps. Therefore, the current prospects for the LED lighting market are still difficult to say, although everyone is very hot. But in the long run, it is a big development direction because of energy conservation and environmental protection. But if the market really develops, it must solve the cost problem. In addition, the emergence of other alternatives such as energy-saving lamps is also a threat to LED lighting. For example, energy-saving lamps made with T5 lamps and CCFLs are also replacing existing products, and the cost is similar to existing lamps.

Even so, we still have to promote the relevant business, and we must push it, because this is a future market, we can not be absent. If the cost of LED lamps can be rapidly reduced, and the price difference between traditional lamps is 1.5 to 2 times, LEDs may have the opportunity to become the mainstream of lighting. We will slowly wait for the prosperity of this market.

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