Different styles of small units can easily hold restaurant chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-29
As the main force of the modern metropolitan home type, the design of small apartment should be comprehensive, taking into account all aspects of life. Although the space is a little small, it is both functional and beautiful, but it cannot be less, and the collocation of chandeliers in small-sized restaurants is also quite exquisite. The following snooker Meiju is matched with restaurant chandeliers according to different styles and small apartments. The modern style restaurant focuses on simple and fashionable shapes, pays attention to aesthetic literature and art, and has a relaxed and warm atmosphere. Therefore, it uses a large amount of ivory white as the background color, and the color matching pattern tableware is very suitable, with a simple line of restaurant chandeliers, it can be more natural and natural. The Chinese-style garden style restaurant pays attention to nature. The restaurant is aimed at the outdoor green garden. The tablecloth is designed with pastoral floral color matching blocks, linen fabric chairs, light white walls and brown door frames form the basic colors of the whole indoor space. Installing a single-covered restaurant chandelier makes the restaurant very warm. European style pays attention to romance and comfort, so the round milk white dining table is suitable for afternoon tea in the world of two. The decoration of vases is the biggest highlight of the whole restaurant. A major point of small-sized dining table decoration is: the layout is more but not crowded, and you can construct the restaurant effect you want from multiple angles. Two people sat in the restaurant, and the Crystal restaurant chandelier instantly added more tenderness.
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