Different small shoot the light, shoot the lamp to how to choose and buy and install

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-24
Small shoot the light is big different, how to choose and buy and install spotlights 0 - 0 - The lamps and lanterns of 0 to shoot the light is a highly concentrated, its light can specify a particular goal, color have white, light grey, black, gold, silver, cream-colored, etc. , mainly used for special lighting. Its appearance has a long, rounded, specifications size is differ, but the overall small and exquisite, generally come in the form of combination is used for decoration, placed on the top of, walls, ceiling, furniture around dado or the line that play a base, a variety of wonderful effect. One, shoot the lamp to shoot the lamp to the choose and buy when the choice on appearance and the light and shadow, because it is typical of decorative lamps and lanterns, bright degree may not be too much to consider, but should consider the following: shoot the two points of low voltage, high pressure, had better choose low voltage lamp, its long service life, high light efficiency; Lamp has a variety of color temperature, when the choose and buy should choose appropriate color temperature, it needs to be dark objects illuminated by general low colour temperature shoots the light color object requires high color temperature light; , due to shoot the general embedded in the ceiling or wall, used to strengthen on the decorative lighting, work off when high temperature, so be sure to buy high quality products, eliminate safety hidden trouble; Two, to shoot the light decorate a small shoot the light irradiation range, high intensity, and generally large area omni to point and the contrast, the stars twinkling in the dynamic effect, can produce a kind of eyeball of the modelling to use it on the ceiling. , shoot the light in the light of local metope, light reflection layers through metope feeling, with bright, relaxed light trails, can create a dream and ideal environment atmosphere. For reasonable utilization of the corner, it is recommended that a lamp can be set in the top corner combining modelling, under a process flower-stand ( Or handicraft, green, etc. ) , which can make the corner space appears very refined, can effectively solve the problem of corner treatment. If the room is dark, put some arts and crafts and the location of the calligraphy and painting may not be the ideal light, therefore, for the fine that a artwork adds lighting to shoot the light, it is very necessary. Shoot the light warm color lighting can make handicraft distinct themes, outstanding sense of strong, light and shadow. , if you want to highlight the performance characteristics of a certain piece of art, lamp can be installed in the top, bottom, left and right direction, like those who mirror sculpture of a character is lofty, but will shoot the lamp to be illuminated to handicraft up from inclined down, to show its mystique, to shoot the light from its left side or right side. Three, shoot the lamp to be installed when installing lamp, the transformer is generally installed inside the hole, no security problem, and space is large in condole top, heat dissipation is very good. Plan to set aside to shoot the light lamp installation method is mainly embedded installation location, general plan according to decorate obligate line, make the decoration workers will open hole well, ceiling appropriate set aside to shoot the empty slot. , shoot the lamp to be connected to the lamp is installed in place of an empty slot on the base, pull wire, fixed on the screw. Connection thread ends, and at the same time don't forget to insulation treatment, finally according to shoot the light part. Four, lamp installation considerations, pay attention to shoot the line need to install the transformer to shoot the light section while energy consumption, high brightness, adornment effect is strong, but there are also can't ignore the disadvantages, the voltage is not stable, easy to explode. Therefore, when installing a shoot the light, be sure to install the transformer, which can effectively prevent the explosion. According to choose to shoot the light lamp hole depth due to the height of the ceiling lamp hole formation depth, the depth to be able to put in to shoot the light, if not, will cause light can't install, so, consider to use what kind of lamp in condole top, pay attention to the proper installation lamp on the choice of lamps and lanterns and light must be moderate, especially the shoot the light, if blindly pursue to shoot the light quantity, can form of light pollution, it is difficult to reach the ideal decorative effect, at the same time, too many place to shoot the light, it is easier to cause fire hazard. The previous: no next article: buy ordinary crystal lamp or low voltage crystal lamp? Product recommendations
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