Development of all-copper lamp sounding lighting in China

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
When it comes to the history of China's lighting development, the author has a good say. The author has entered middle age. Since childhood, we have been transitioning from primitive torches to modern decorative lighting. For those lights that do not use electricity, I am afraid that they have long been forgotten, especially in the mountains. Before there is no electric light, the unique lighting method used is probably little known. I have a special liking for the lamp, and the reason is probably related to its changes! The ancestors used wood chips and bamboo sticks. In mountainous areas, people used these ready-made raw materials to split them into long strips and thin pieces. After drying in the sun, they tied them into a large bunch of handlebars. When going out at night, they lit them for lighting, called bright strips; . On the eve of liberation, the people in the Mountain used dry firewood and bamboo to walk to Lubu and Yuyao, or used bamboo rafts to support Ningbo, and exchanged a few pounds of foreign oil from the city; Insert a wick into the bottle for indoor lighting at night, called the beautiful oil lamp; . When you go out at night, use the oil bamboo tube; Lighting, that is, pouring beautiful oil into the bamboo tube; , With broken cotton wool plug its mouth, ignite broken cotton wool. It is said that this kind of oil is shipped from the United States, so it is called a US oil lamp; Yes. Therefore, these lamps were used by the ancestors when they were relatively backward in all aspects. Their common feature is that they do not use electricity, but they are neither hygienic nor cheap, it is also easy to cause fire. There is no way to use such a lamp. The use of lights by their fathers can be said to have entered a transitional period: They not only survived the dark era without electric lights, but also enjoyed the bright era of electric lights. In addition to following the US oil lamp; In addition, Mobil lamps are also used; . Although this kind of lamp uses oil as fuel, it can adjust brightness and is clean, sanitary and safe. Because its appearance has a drum-shaped glass cover. At that time, the bride's dowry must have this lamp; It shows the status of the lamp in people's minds. This custom has been inherited to this day. Today, such lights can be seen in department stores, which may be related to the name of Geely! Because Mobil; With Meifu; Homophonic. In the 50 or 60 s and s, relying on their hard-working hands and unique geographical conditions, their fathers built dams on the stream and used the up-and-down drop to generate electricity. Only then did the electric lights begin to enter the farmhouse. However, due to various conditions, such electric lights are limited by time and space. Generally, they only generate electricity during dinner and stop at 8 or 9 o'clock, and only one electric lamp is allowed to be installed in each household. Therefore, many people have a multi-purpose light; That is to say, there is a hole in the middle of the barrier between the two rooms to hang the electric light in the middle, which shines on both the room and the room. Even such a light has excited the mountain people at that time, no wonder the local people killed the pigs and slaughtered the sheep to comfort the heroes who came to install the lights; . We, who have passed the age of one, have known that the electric lamp has entered a brand-new era since we were sensible, because at that time Xin'an jiangdian; Has begun to enter the mountains, we have witnessed the builders of the column line will be Xin'anjiang electricity; Introduction. Up to now, people are still used to calling electricity Xin'anjiang electricity; . With stable and sufficient electricity, the electric lamp has really entered a new era. Its types are gradually increasing. Now the most common lighting is fluorescent lamp. From bright strips; To the fluorescent lamp; Its changes can be described as the sea, and the catalyst that makes it leap is electricity. Looking back on the past dust and looking forward to the future of lights, the lights now are not only used for lighting, but also for entertainment and decoration, such as rock Sun lights and colorful neon lights; Energy-saving lamps and laser lamps; Table Lamp, chandelier, corner lamp. Children don't have the unique emotion of electric lamp like our generation, because they have never experienced the taste of no electric lamp. They are born with electric lamp and telephone upstairs and downstairs; In the era, even if there is occasional power outage, there are battery lights to prepare, which seems to be dark and insulated from them, because they themselves live in this bright era. The all-copper lamp produced by our company is a kind of all-copper lamp specially developed for customers such as luxury houses. It is rich in varieties, including all-copper lamp chandeliers, all-copper semi-chandeliers and all-copper ceiling lamps.
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