Detailed engineering lighting customization cases

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-13
Snooker Mercure has not only served thousands of home improvement customers, but has also undertaken numerous engineering orders and produced batches of engineering lamps in the past 18 years. Under the witness of the customer, step by step to today. For the all-copper engineering lamps project of Wuhan Guochuang Chuyuan club, snooker Mercure has tailored a batch of engineering lamps for it according to the standards of the four-star hotel, and has carefully designed lamps placed in every place. There is also the customization of Feng Xiaogang film commune engineering lamps. From the chandeliers in the commune aisle to the unique wall lights, they are all customized and installed by snooker. Looking at the completed engineering projects one after another, it is more of its own value for snooker, which is the affirmation of snooker. I remembered that our company completed the five-star hotel engineering lamps in Wuhan Grace hotel after three months of production and research and development. Although the time was not short, at the moment when the project was completed, we could not suppress the joy in our hearts, just like a sculptor completing a very perfect work, it is a sense of accomplishment. After years of tempering, snooker has grown up slowly under the witness of customers. Whether it is home improvement or engineering, it can be successfully completed. Snooker has been producing all-copper lamps for 18 years. For customization of engineering lamps, please call 400-800-760.
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