desirable features of exterior police light bars

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-14
Decide what model of warning light bar to equip your department\'s emergency vehicle is more than onestep process.
There are many considerations in terms of installation type, vehicle compatibility and even material type.
However, consider not only the implementation of the new light bar, but also the function of providing your officers with the best tools to get the job done.
It is good to pay attention to the following features when purchasing the police light bar: 1. 360-
Whether you believe it or not, not all of the lights bars provide full circular visibility of the lights they live in.
This is a feature that is very important to the visibility of your department cruiser, so it should be considered a security feature.
Some models of lights claim to offer 360-
But they actually have a lot of obstacles with their bulbs.
Be sure to keep an eye out for the light bars designed to provide unobstructed light.
Some models of light bars actually allow multiple degrees-
The measurement of visibility allows your officers to use their own judgment to determine the visibility of their lights.
This feature can be useful for late-night residential stops, because at these stops lights only need to be seen by parked cars so that they do not disturb residents sleeping nearby. 2.
The LED bulb is one of the best features of the lamp strip.
In addition to providing bright natural color light, the Led has a long life span.
They are very durable and enclosed in high places
High quality plastic instead of glass, can be used even in very cold conditions without risk of damage.
In the case of damage, their replacement costs are also greatly reduced, as LED light strips are built using a micro cheap bulb array.
In addition to all of these practical features, LED bulbs are also ideal eco-friendly bulbs
Friendly option as they are very easy to recycle and are non-useToxic substances. 3.
Many high color and programmable flash options
Lower prices available at the taillight bar
Only a single cost modelcolored lights.
Although these may be costs
Effective, they are unlikely to meet the needs of your emergency vehicle.
Be sure to provide double-colored lights.
Similarly, the programmable flash option is also ideal for police cars and other emergency vehicles.
It can change the flash pattern of the vehicle light strip, and can be set differently according to the needs of different situations;
For example, a programmable light strip can be set to flash slowly for use by officials who are idle in the construction area or who direct traffic. 4.
Durable light strips require quality materials.
Make sure to study carefully the surrounding material of the light of your choice.
If you\'re in a high
Temperature positions, such as Arizona or New Mexico, make sure the lights you get don\'t overheat or melt.
Low quality plastic may not survive in the strong sun.
Also, while the LED bulbs are very cold-resistant and cold, their housing may not be.
In a cold environment, be sure to pay attention to the material, because the broken plastic will affect the function.
Careful useful features will ensure that your department gets an ongoing police bar and provides good service to your officers.
It\'s really worth taking the time to buy the features you need.
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