Depth analysis of all copper lamps-Production article

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-13
People all know that the price of all copper lamps is high, why is the price so high? Consumers only know one or two. Consumers generally believe that all-copper lamps are made of copper materials, which is only part of the reason. The other reason is that there are very complicated small processes and detailed treatment in the production process of all-copper lamps, it is not comparable to lamps made of general materials. The following small series will analyze the production process of all copper lamps for you. Mold opening-Sand turning-Sand removal-Machine tool processing-Welding-Grinding-Polishing-Paint-Seal oil. (1) mold opening refers to the use of gypsum to make the shape of the pendant lamp mold, and then carefully engrave various characteristic patterns. (2) sand turning is to pour copper water into the carved mold, and when the copper water cools into a solid state, the basic shape of the all-copper lamp will come out. Sand removal is to pour out the sand after the copper is cooled and cooled. Machine tool processing is to drill the hole before tapping. (3) welding is to weld all parts together, welding nozzle and welding sand hole. Grinding is first rough grinding and then fine grinding. After careful grinding, the surface of the all-copper lamp can be flattened. (4) polishing is to add polishing protective wax to all copper lamps after polishing, which is only good in gloss and anti-oxidation. The paint is the main color of the sprayed copper lamp and is sent to the dust-free high-temperature stove for drying. (5) Finally, seal the oil, spray another layer of varnish, and bake it at high temperature again, so that the all-copper lamp will be finished. Every process of the all-copper lamp should be operated strictly and finely, otherwise the all-copper lamp will have to be returned to the furnace again. The above processes are extremely important parts in the production of all-copper lamps, and there are still many detailed parts that will not be described in detail here. This step-by-step process is enough to reflect our quality control of products and our responsibility to consumers. Every full copper lamp is an outstanding work of workers.
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