Depth analysis of all copper lamps-Non-standard lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-14
Non-standard lamp customization is also non-standard design, which means non-standard size design. According to the customer's requirements, on the premise of not changing the product quality, the lamp style or the increase or decrease of the size and thickness of the width and height can be changed within a certain range; Replace the original lamp body with other models of lamp body, etc. In this personalized era, the word customization is mentioned in various industries and social groups. From a small living appliance to a luxury, this is becoming more and more popular with the rapid process of human industrialization. Non-standard lighting customization is no longer the privilege of the rich, more and more ordinary social groups have also joined this row. In the process of Customizing non-standard lamps, what should be paid attention to and how to choose the manufacturer. The non-standard lamps of snooker are not only the production of lamp styles, but also cover the customization of creative design, structural design, production technology, packaging and logistics, etc. Such customized services have been popular in Europe, America and Japan for many years. Mass customization is a new production mode that has swept the manufacturing industry at home and abroad in recent ten years. It responds quickly to the needs of individual customers with agile operation. Lamps and lanterns as a durable consumer goods, its function is not only material, but also spiritual, people in the purchase of lamps and lanterns is very individual.
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