Depth analysis of all copper lamps-Join the article

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
2015 snooker Mercure all copper lamps increase the intensity of investment and join, and sincerely attract investment from customers all over the country. The following is the information that snooker Mercure all copper lamp must know when attracting investment and joining in, as well as the post-investment service and support we provide to our customers. Snooker all copper lamp joining requirements: 1. Legal person or natural person with legal status. 2. Agree with the brand culture of snooker Mercure, abide by the relevant market management regulations of the company, and actively cooperate with the company's operation. 3. Have a lasting sense of management. 4, have a strong economic strength, have to open a special store 400 thousand yuan or more funds. 5. In the building materials market, decorative materials market or lighting professional stores, there are stores for operation, and the area used for operating the company's products is not less than 80 m² square meters. 6, law-abiding business, honest and trustworthy, no bad business records. 7. Distributors with experience in building materials, decorative materials or lamps are preferred. Why did you choose snooker all copper lamp? 1. Ten years of hard work to create copper home lighting, has a good reputation and reputation in the industry 2. Heavily hired domestic well-known interior designers to create a high-end lighting store image, greatly improving the product grade. 3 excellent product quality and rich product lines provide customers with greater market opportunities. 4. The company has set up standard image exhibition hall and perfect training mode to ensure that chain dealer staff can also receive systematic professional training. 5. The strong regional protection policy guarantees the distributors' vested interests. The service support of the cooperation of all-copper lamps in the later period of snooker America 1. Free store design, provide decoration subsidy 2, give hanging board support for first order 3, assist in formulating large-scale project bidding plan 4, provide free product Atlas, company LOGO and other advertising special materials. Reimbursement of large outdoor advertising expenses. 5. Assist in handling the backlog of goods
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