Depth analysis of all copper lamps-Identification article

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
Snooker All-copper lamp is made of industrial H62 brass as the main lamp body. Many consumers will worry about the all-copper lamps they buy; Whether it is done well or not, whether it is made of real copper or not, etc. The following small series will analyze the identification method of all copper lamps for you. First, we can identify by observing whether the surface of the copper lamp is smooth and shiny. During the production process of the all-copper lamp, a protective film will be plated on the surface of the lamp body, which will make the lamp body more transparent, it is especially obvious under the light. Second, the color of the surface of the lamp and the treatment of the seal oil, the high-quality copper lamp body color is natural and smooth. In addition to the highlights, there will be no color spots or color blocks. The color is consistent and the color is firm and stable. Third, the details are handled. Good all-copper lamps are exquisite in workmanship and the details are handled in place. Every carving, pattern and small parts are exquisite in workmanship and highly unified. If these elements are found to be inconsistent or uneven on the lamp body, it can be considered as inferior copper lamps. Furthermore, the tightness of all-copper lamps: high-quality all-copper lamps are made seamlessly between each copper piece and accessories. The above method can identify the quality of all-copper lamps, so how can we know that the copper lamps we bought are all-copper lamps? A more practical way is to gently scrape the copper lamp with a knife where it is not outside to see the color of the scraping. If it is golden yellow or golden White, it should be copper. If it is white or silver inside, it is not made of copper. These are some of Xiaobian's experiences and opinions on the identification of all-copper lamps, hoping to provide some reference for consumers. Snooker All-copper lamps will use many years of industry knowledge to eliminate customers' problems and doubts about all-copper lamps.
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