Depth analysis of all copper lamps-Dewaxed copper

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-13
The last article wrote about the turning copper process in all-copper lamps, so today we are talking about dewaxing copper; Craft. The small editor lists here that customers often ask about dewaxed copper; Three questions. 1. What is dewaxed copper? Dewaxing casting is one of the copper processing and forming methods. Its main process is to heat copper to a high temperature to make it flowable and flow into the pre-made mold shell for forming. Since the mold shell is made by removing wax mold after heating, it is called dewaxing casting. 2. What are the advantages of the dewaxing copper process? All copper lamps have many valuable physical and chemical characteristics, such as high thermal conductivity, strong chemical stability, high tensile strength, easy welding, corrosion resistance, plasticity and ductility. Therefore, the dewaxing casting method can be used to produce complex and exquisite copper ornaments and dewaxing copper lamps. 3. What is the production process of Dewaxed copper? The process flow of dewaxing casting is: mold design--Open the mold--Note wax (Mold)--Trimming wax mold (Welding wax mold)--Species of wax tree (--Weighing)--Making shell mold--Shell mold roasting--Casting--Vibrating shell-- Sand cleaning treatment, by heating the organic additives (Binder or lubricant) Cast the corresponding lines in the specified mold, which is why its unit price is higher than other ordinary lamps. The process is complicated, the workmanship is exquisite, and the shape is diverse. This is the reason why the dewaxing copper lamp is highly respected by customers.
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