Depth analysis of all copper lamps-Custom Articles

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
In the purchase of all copper lamps, conventional lamps may not fully meet the installation requirements, such as size, color, collocation, etc. . . Therefore, it has derived a custom service for all copper lamps in snooker. Now Xiaobian will analyze the various processes of all-copper lamp customization for you. The first step: the non-standard all-copper lamp customization consultant who initially contacts snooker Meiju all-copper lamp will conduct all-round in-depth and detailed communication with you to fully understand the customer's demand points; Step 2: have an in-depth understanding of the non-standard all-copper lamp customization consultant specially designed for all-copper lamps in snooker Meiju will take customers to visit the company's sample exhibition hall and production workshop to introduce the company's product characteristics and product advantages in detail. At the same time, connect with your space designer, fully understand the design intention of the other party, indoor configuration style requirements, and agree with you on the preliminary interview time of the non-standard all-copper lamp customization scheme for snooker Mercure. Step 3: on-the-spot measurement. After you confirm our preliminary plan, relevant engineers of non-standard all-copper lamp customization of snooker Meiju all-copper lamp will go to the door to measure in multiple directions, accurately measure the volume and layout of lamps and lanterns in the use of space, including the flow of furniture, fabrics, carpets, decorative paintings, ornaments and other physical objects including lamps and lanterns, visual changes, color matching, material texture matching, determine the installation and placement of lamps and lanterns, the volume of lamps and lanterns, etc. Step 4: product matching according to the actual results on site, match the product, and communicate with the owner about the preliminary design plan after the matching is completed. Have an interview with the owner and the designer, have a serious and in-depth consultation on the product matching scheme, and make adjustments to finally reach an agreement; Step 5: confirm the construction. After the two sides reach an agreement, the designer of the non-standard all-copper lamp of snooker Meiju all-copper lamp will draw a production and construction deepening map to the customer for confirmation, its content includes material, surface treatment, number of light sources, lamp body size and other aspects. Step 6: The production is completed and the installation is scheduled. After the production is completed, we will inform you to go to the factory for inspection in time. After the inspection is qualified, we will make an appointment with you for delivery and installation, all copper lamps shall be tested, packaged, delivered and installed on site.
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