Deep analysis of hotel engineering lighting selection skills

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
Hotel decoration is a big project, and the choice of lamps is also a big project. The hotel has a large area, a large number of rooms and many lamps, so it is especially exquisite when choosing hotel engineering lamps, the following is a deep analysis of the selection principles of hotel engineering lamps and lanterns. (1)Highly compatible. Lamps and lanterns should be adapted to the height of the room. For example, when the height of the room is below 3 meters, chandeliers with long suspenders should not be selected, otherwise safety will be hindered. (2)The area is suitable. The area of lamps should not be greater than 2% of the room area- 3%, if the lighting is insufficient, the quantity can be increased, otherwise the decoration effect will be affected. (3)The decoration style is suitable. Chinese, American and European lamps should be coordinated with the hotel's decoration style to avoid giving people a messy feeling. (4)Environmental Quality is suitable. In special environments such as toilets and kitchens, lamps with special functions of moisture resistance and water resistance should be selected to ensure normal use. (5)The ceiling bearing capacity is suitable. In particular, the ceiling of the ceiling made by the hotel must have sufficient load to install suitable lamps. The lamps are easy to fall off and are prone to potential safety hazards.
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