Deep analysis-American living room chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-21
The American living room chandelier, as its name implies, comes from the decoration and decoration style of the United States. It is a famous representative style in colonial style and has become a synonym for colonial style in a sense. The American living room chandelier does not have too many artificial embellishments and constraints, and inadvertently achieves another kind of casual romance, and the American culture is a context dominated by transplant culture, it has the luxury and extravagance of Europa, but it also combines the unruly water and soil of the American continent. The result of this combination is to eliminate many fetters, however, it can also find a new style of nostalgia, extravagance, and yet free and casual. These elements of American all-copper lamps also cater to the needs of current cultural capitalists for lifestyle, that is, they have a sense of culture and extravagance, and they cannot lack a sense of freedom and emotional appeal.
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