Decoration lights are not troublesome, all copper lamp manufacturers teach you to be a designer

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-12
At present, many people pay attention to taste in decorating their houses. They should match the overall decoration style, the furniture at home and the copper lamps selected by customers, customer selection is a long time; The process, why? Because of the entanglement, I don't know which one to choose. Today, Xiao Bian tells you: decoration and lamp selection are not troublesome. All copper lamp manufacturers teach you to be a designer! In fact, many people may not know that there is no obvious style boundary for copper lamps, except for Chinese style. It can be said that copper lamps are very versatile lamps. When you are struggling and don't know how to match, you can choose this match: 1. Usually the living room lights and restaurant lights can choose the same style or even the same series of styles, which can better maintain the consistency of the home style. Living room chandelier restaurant chandelier 2. Bedroom lamps can choose warm yellow luster to create a warm atmosphere. If the height of the room allows you to choose a simple chandelier, then it is better to choose the same style as the bedroom main lamp. Bedroom chandelier bedroom bedside wall lamp 3. Lights in other areas are better matched, such as porch, corridor, balcony, etc. Simple all-copper ceiling lamps or semi-chandeliers can be selected, which is simple to match, but at the same time does not appear messy. Porch semi-chandelier corridor ceiling lamp
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