De-wax casting process for revealing the manufacturing process of all-copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
In the production process of all-copper lamps, the copper fittings of some all-copper lamps require rich texture and relatively complicated shapes. If these all-copper lamp fittings are made by sand turning and other processes, the desired effect will not be achieved. Since the last century, people have introduced the wax casting process, which is widely used in jewelry production, into the production of all-copper lamp fittings. Wax casting, also known as lost wax casting, is also called investment casting in modern precision casting. The principle of lost wax casting technology in China originated from the burning method, which was first found in the middle and late Shang Dynasty. The lost wax method is a precision casting method for bronze and other metal objects. The method is to make a model of the casting with beeswax, and then fill the mud core with other refractory materials and apply it to the outer fan. After heating and baking, the wax mold is completely melted and lost, making the whole casting model empty. Then pour the solution inward and cast it into utensils. The artifacts cast by the lost wax method can be exquisitely carved and have a hollow effect. The lost wax method has a long history in China. The tomb of Zeng Houyi in Suixian county, Hubei province, the unearthed bronze statues and plates are the earliest known lost wax castings in China. The era was in the 5th century BC. Lost wax method is also called investment method; . Specific to the casting process of all-copper lamp fittings, the wax removal process of the lamp is relatively simple because its precision requirement is not as good as that of jewelry. Its specific steps are as follows: 1. Engraving, that is, using clay or other materials to engrave the exterior objects or drawings of all-copper lamp fittings in a one-to-one ratio to carve out a model consistent with the exterior of all-copper lamp fittings, it is called engraving. The engraving level of the engraving technician directly affects the quality of the full copper lamp fittings made later. Generally, technicians with more than three years of carving experience are required to be competent for this job. . 2. Wrap the surface of the model made of wax with a layer of refractory materials such as clay, and then heat it at high temperature to melt or volatilize the wax. On the other hand, this layer of refractory material can become firm after passing through high temperature, thus obtaining an empty shell formed by refractory materials. 3. Melt the copper used to make the all-copper lamp and pour it into the empty shell. After the copper is completely cooled, the refractory material is crushed to obtain the initial blank of the all-copper lamp fittings. To sum up, the whole process of wax casting of all copper lamp fittings is: pressing rubber mold--Open the mold--Note wax (Mold)--Trimming wax mold (Welding wax mold)--Species of wax tree (--Weighing)--Gypsum filling tube--Vacuum pumping of gypsum--Gypsum solidifies naturally--Baking gypsum--Melting gold, casting--Fried gypsum--Flushing, pickling, cleaning (--Weighing)--Cut blank (--Rolling)
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