Dark Horse in lighting industry-New Chinese copper lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-17
New Chinese furniture rise drive new Chinese complete copper lamp of rise in, China deng dou gu zhen the emergence of the number of new Chinese complete copper lamp brand both years precipitation new Chinese brand also have from traditional zhong shi deng into new Chinese. At present new zhong shi deng in Rise stage new Chinese complete copper lamp style had not yet forming most in the exploratory stage. In the current economic environment where information exchange is relatively developed, the rise time of a new category will be relatively short. Normally, as a new Chinese style, it is not like European lamps and American lamps, which are imported products, the Chinese style itself is the inherent cultural body of China. Combined with the current design and creative ideas, it is still easy to be accepted by the public. Therefore, the upsurge of new Chinese-style all-copper lamps comes faster than other categories. However, it will go through a quite long growth period from prosperity to maturity, which will take about five years. As a new interpretation of Chinese culture, the new Chinese-style all-copper lamp has a profound mass base. I believe that the new Chinese-style all-copper lamp will become another mainstream product for a long time.
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