Dajin Oriental Lighting Chairman and Chief Executive Officer exchanges blood

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-01

Dajin Oriental announced a number of personnel changes. As other career developments require more time and energy, he has resigned as the chairman of the board and Chen Jing has been appointed as an executive director and chairman of the board.

He was appointed as an executive director and chief executive officer; Guo Donghui resigned as an executive director, company secretary, authorized representative and chief operating officer to focus on his other careers. All of the above changes will take effect on the same day.

The company announced at the end of July that the original shareholding of 32.76% chairman and controlling shareholder Yang Kaishan transferred 128 million shares to independent third party Chen Jing, accounting for 29% of the share capital, the total consideration of 178 million yuan, the price per share is about 1.392 yuan, compared with before the suspension The premium is 39.2%. Yang also placed the remaining 16,663,600 shares in an independent third party at a price of not more than 1.392 yuan per share.

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