dad ‘shone laser pen at police helicopter and blamed it on his kids’

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-17
The court heard that a businessman used a laser pointer to light a police helicopter and blamed it on his child.
The 49-year-old Dominique miquezi allegedly pointed the beam to a helicopter in October 9, along with his family, across the southern city of Castal, London.
When Miqueleiz was challenged by an officer on the ground on Hill Road, he claimed that his child had been waving the gadget and accidentally took it to the plane.
Metropolitan Police officers of the air support force (MPAS)
Said the camera on the helicopter took a picture of him.
Miqueleiz appeared in the Croydon Magistrate\'s Court on Monday and denied an allegation of reckless or negligent conduct in a manner that could endanger the aircraft.
Prosecutor Caroline Monger said: \"The charge was about 8: 00 on October 9.
At fifteen o\'clock P. M. , there was a police officer on Hill Road in castalton.
\"MPAS officials said the accused fired a laser pointer at the plane.
The police arrived at the scene and found the defendant walking along the street with his family.
\"He said that his children were responsible for pointing the laser pen at the plane, which they did not do on purpose.
He said they waved it nearby.
\"MPAS officials confirmed that it definitely glows on the plane and said it was taken on the camera.
\"Miqueleiz, the avenue of beech, carshoerton, LinkedIn, Inc. , as a manager, Domigiorau C, Ecquadorian sewage company.
On March 6, he was released on unconditional bail before the Croydon Magistrate\'s Court was tried.
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