Customized selection of hotel lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-09
Snooker Mercure specializes in customizing hotel lamps and lanterns. It is designed by many senior designers. It has 16 years of professional experience in manufacturing copper lamps and 36 processes. It is one step higher technically than its peers. In terms of design, a luxury high-end lamp specially belonging to the hotel can be tailored according to the style and size of the hotel. The designer team went to the hotel on the spot to inspect the local environment, personality and style, and planned the most suitable scheme. In terms of technology, the customization of snooker hotel lamps has been treated with anti-oxidation on the surface to reduce the probability of no rust or blackening of the hotel's all-copper lamps, thus increasing the service life from the perspective of cost performance. Copper lamps are easy to clean, and regular rag cleaning can make the hotel copper lamps look brand-new.
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