Customized sales skills and precautions for non-standard engineering lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-05
Non-standard engineering lamps are often mistaken for lamps that do not meet the standards literally. In fact, in order to meet the style matching, size, space and personalized requirements the customization of non-standard engineering lamps has become an essential production method. The customization of non-standard engineering lamps is mainly in hotels, villas, clubs, KTV, bars and other high-end places are common, such as flat crystal chandeliers, wrought iron lamps, crystal lamps, large lamps and lanterns. Is non-standard engineering! The customization of non-standard engineering lamps is different from the purchase of ordinary lamps. It needs to be customized according to the special requirements of its business owners. The customization process of general non-standard engineering lamps is as follows: 1. Lighting designers communicate with customers to understand their needs and ideas; 2. Take customers to visit the sample exhibition hall, inspect the product technology, exchange the indoor configuration style requirements, and agree with you on the preliminary lighting plan interview time according to the detailed record analysis of the talks; 3, the door preliminary measurement, determine the lighting installation, placement, lighting volume; 4, multi-dimensional measurement, accurate measurement of the volume and layout of lamps in the use of space, the flow direction visual change, color matching, material texture matching of furniture, fabric, carpet, decorative painting, decoration and other physical objects including lamps and lanterns; 5, according to the actual results of the site, on-site drawing drawings; 6. Communicate the preliminary design plan with the owner; 7. Interview and negotiate the plan, and make adjustments to achieve final satisfaction; 8. Keep communicating with the owner about materials, surface treatment, etc. during production, and invite customers to inspect the completion of lamps, etc; 9. After the completion of production, make an appointment for delivery and installation time, and carry out lamp trial installation, packaging, delivery and door-to-door installation. In order to perfect delivery, the store staff should also pay special attention to the following points when receiving orders: 1. There are usually two ways to customize non-standard engineering lamps: first, the customer determines that he or she wants to customize the lamp and has a drawing template. Second, it needs to be modified on our original products, no matter in the above way, as the order-receiving personnel of the store, they must fully consider the existing product conditions of our company and the feasibility and safety of the customer's requirements. If they cannot fully confirm, communicate and check with designers and factory technicians. 2. For orders issued by each salesperson in the store, there must be a sales supervisor (Manager) The above personnel can reach the factory after signing and confirming; If there is no signature of the supervisor, you must first confirm with the supervisor by telephone and mark that you have obtained the telephone confirmation 3, when accepting orders for customized non-standard engineering lamps for export, in addition to the special requirements of customers, customers should also be sure to ask about the mode of transportation, packaging and assembly.
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