Customers are wordy with you, but they are afraid of losing money. How should they correspond to sales?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
Xiao Bian has been engaged in the sales of American all-copper lamps for 3 years. Today we will give some explanations on the problems encountered in the sales process. According to the research of psychology professors, people's objections mainly come from the fear of suffering losses. Most people have a potential suspicion and subconsciously think that other people's behaviors will be unfavorable to themselves, such: the salesperson said the price of a product, then he would subconsciously guess: is it really so much money? This is definitely not the lowest price. How can he give me the lowest price? This kind of suspicion is not conducive to the sales work. As a sales, we must first understand the suspicion of the customer, and then adopt a reasonable sales method to eliminate the customer's suspicion. 1. Speak with facts: the salesperson can't persuade the customer because he is already immune to these things. Therefore, if the salesperson wants to dispel the customer's concerns, it is best to let customers see it; The actual situation of the product is strictly presented to the customer. 2, careful observation, understand the customer's psychology, when the customer's trust is obtained, the transaction with the customer can be successfully completed, as a salesperson, in the process of sales, to learn to observe the color, take appropriate measures to eliminate customers' concerns and suspicions, so that customers can trust themselves and successfully complete the transaction.
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