Custom modular droplight when installation should pay attention to what issues?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
- - - - - - - - - - - - Large custom modular droplight can deduce the magnificence of housing pattern, since volume is huge, so in terms of device was far more than ordinary family lighting arduous, more common is mainly used in hotels, shopping malls, villas, huasheng lighting today took everybody understand the unit pay attention to what large combined droplight. Droplight devices need prepared before all information tool, followed by the installation of lamps and lanterns. In the process of connecting the cohesion is the key of embedded parts and transition, the first embedded in the structure of iron pieces of brick and wood, iron or wooden brick on embedded devices transition cohesion, derrick, sling and transition pieces of cohesion. Need to be aware of for large custom modular droplight of the points. Embedded in the structural iron or wooden brick, embedding position should be accurate, and had enough room for adjustment. 。 Devices such as there are multiple droplight, should pay attention to their position, length of relationship, so that it can effectively frugal time and manpower, of the device at the same time will droplight device is good, if there is error, to lunch the adjustment of the location of the chandelier. 。 Boom out of the ceiling must face are direct method and casing two kind of way is optional, but by adding casing method more, with the method of casing more conducive to the device, droplight can guarantee the ceiling panels in good condition, only needs a tube of the location of the borehole. And at the time of the opening directly is hard to find is a relatively, it is likely to have great influence on the formation ceiling, affect the overall aesthetic. 。 Fixed the best to save the regulate the height of the boom of droplight method, it is best to keep a certain length of screw thread, regulate lunch. Hanging light box, carefully check the cohesion can secure. In order to obtain a most perfect lighting device effect, especially the big droplight device must ask professional personage to operation, in order to beautiful and to life and peace.
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