Crystal lighting factory you know chandelier style restaurant

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-20
Crystal chandelier manufacturer: restaurant in our home is a very important part of modern crystal chandelier, is also a family dinner at night chat areas, most of the time we to the lighting effect of this area is a conformist. Previously wrote a article about dining room lighting, always feel lack of something, tonight for some new lighting design, to make more reference. Restaurant continental crystal chandelier lighting that is a neo-classical style restaurant, while the display is not much, but are very delicate, background on the prints from candles on the wall and ceiling lamp foil gives its precious and elegant. Two slender pyramid small lights lit up the top of the display case beautiful glass products. In the foreground in the formal dining table when the white tablecloth is helpful to reflect on the shop roof and the surrounding light, make the dining area is bright, increase appetite. While the rest of the time the table cloth, can be relaxed, casual tasting coffee drinks such as recreational activities. Zhongshan lighting factory now modern droplight is no longer just a lamp that dining room lighting, but in a row, the dominant style and grade. If just as others of the same, never have personalized effect. Drop the droplight with very low on the one hand, embodies the modern, and appropriate intensity of illumination light makes diners looked radiant, food is color, aroma, taste, and a small candle and desk lamp and other auxiliary lighting and the mirror of the whole metope, eating and talking all have a very romantic and relaxed atmosphere. This restaurant lighting features of building itself is a distinctive roof structure, brings in the rhythmical adornment effect. This paper label: European crystal wall lamp, crystal droplight, zhongshan sheepskin lamp factory, please indicate the source when reprint the WWW. zsgzyw。 com
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