Crystal chandelier manufacturers lighting industry in China market still have potential

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-20
Crystal chandelier manufacturers lighting industry market in China still has the potential to zhongshan lighting factory we should see more, a lot of old dealer in increasing investment, in the introduction of new products and brands, a lot of new generation dealer step lamps and lanterns is in the sales team. Is the lighting industry in China still have potential, to explain why there are now this word really, financial help emergency has little influence to domestic sales, but largely because of the domestic good policy and update, more opportunities. At this time, he said we should do is to - — Endeavour, grabbed opportunity to rise in the dilemma of the turn to emergency financial help emergency precise planning brought a lot of hard for us. Relying on the inherent advantages of zou area, compare with other domestic regions, the Chinese modern crystal chandelier lamps and lanterns city has more powerful risk resistance ability and growth potential of exceptional performance. The results are shown in the table below: the whole, the environment has not imagined that? China lighting market is still busy? 吗? A bad thing. Particularly with regard to the fourth question, don't see there are buddhist shop rent on the market in general to sublet feel there are a large area of merchants out of business, really every year will have difference degree of this kind of environment, various reasons cause. With some European style crystal droplight of lamps and lanterns city China dealer's words: for help emergency affects those who had turned the emergency, the class is over, no class for emergency. Because competition is shrinking, some economic disadvantages rules were benign capital out of the market space will be necessarily degree of purification, and the improvement of catalytic planning environment and the planning order. On March 5, in the intersection of frequent fruit stand to buy fruit, sell fruit of more than 60 years old arthritic niang when help me cut sugarcane, also talking about financial help emergency how, said to have nose have eyes. We first not itself to itself. 。 I smiled and said she is the model of input. For help emergency force countries to increase the investment, stimulating domestic demand has a loose monetary policy. But European crystal wall lamp business shouldn't be hard to do our mantra, shouldn't this be our way forward more psychological barriers, get help urgent as we are complacent. In terms of jiangsu, a large project and foundation establishment, reform of the old city, commercial housing and low-rent housing and affordable housing is not because for help emergency and have an effect, but because of the national policy to assist yan yan MAO. I ask again: the year before? The big niang wanted to mean to say: when to buy and sell good, there are more than one hundred usually also has eighty pieces. On the 2008 summer davos BBS, the prime minister a decided belief is more nervous than gold says the key to the question we face, to actively forge ahead, for help emergency is strong growth, exert good opportunity to grab market share. This paper label: zhongshan crystal chandelier, crystal lighting factory, sheepskin lamp factory, reproduced please indicate when from WWW. zsgzyw。 com
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