Crystal chandelier manufacturers choose low carbon energy-saving lamps to see what?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
European lighting factory zhongshan using traditional production technology, on-site production of European style crystal droplight, modern crystal droplight, european-style crystal wall lamp, crystal droplight, zhongshan crystal droplight wholesale European style crystal droplight energy saving principle of low carbon energy saving is the theme of contemporary home outfit, choose good illumination, energy conservation and energy saving lamps and lanterns is not only beneficial to small home, also can make filial piety global environment, so the choice of energy-saving lamp is new type of household the positive trend of lamps and lanterns. Work principle of it is necessary to know now only a lighting product has satisfied the demand of people, intelligence and performance in various household lights. How to choose and buy of Europe type crystal wall lamp, low carbon energy saving lamps, to do the following six principles: lunch principle, harmony principle, the energy conservation principle, the principle of silence, the production principle, the principle of decoration. The following detailed introduction to the principle: bento principles are installed in exchange bento bedroom lamp is one of the principles of choosing lamps and lanterns, we all don't want to after stepping on a table, stepping a chair, looked up to 90 degrees, carry arms to deserve to 2. 5 meters high and even higher ceiling light bulbs sad, so, when choosing lamps and lanterns, had better choose convenient exchange of lamps and lanterns. Voice control, call control, protective eyesight results of far-infrared radiation red lights, and so on the new household lights should also demand, according to the demand of choose lamps and lanterns saved more comfortable and more fashion is also worth considering. Harmonious principle of lamps and lanterns is the nods eyeball pen of home decoration, lamps and lanterns is used to joint collective home environment, not the other way round, so too big fancy verve complex design and color is generally do not take tone with the boldness of vision will not actually make the finishing point for all home outfit, but have largely redundant. Choose a decoration sex strong home lamp will make itself more flavor, the bedroom of look more feeling. Principle of modern crystal chandelier silence it is necessary to know this is the most neglected principle, choose the lamps and lanterns of normal manufacturer product black often nervous, deal with is roughly the results such as the kitchen space that defend bath, choose waterproof easy to how to choose and buy low carbon energy-saving lamps? The stillness of the lamps and lanterns is more necessary. Buy lamps and lanterns is not only see appearance, also want to see the light of some connotation of identity. Principle it is easy to see in the stores of lamps and lanterns, decorate household light pattern, cowhide or hot spots of crystalline light lamp, wrought iron lamp, real wood lamp and various special-shaped light, a variety of materials and changed the verve of verve can build on a business trip the bride's family atmosphere in the relevant search: wholesale crystal chandelier, crystal lighting factory, sheepskin lamp factory, please log in to the WWW. zsgzyw。 com
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