Crystal chandelier manufacturer to introduce you to all kinds of lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-21
Zhongshan lighting factory: general families usually use lamp types are mainly incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. Crystal chandelier manufacturer incandescent lamp light is downy, feeling comfortable, inspect content basically no color difference, and the price is cheap, convenient. Defect is low luminous efficiency, short service life of the light bulb, luminosity than fluorescent lamp. Chandelier hanging from the ceiling lamp, lamp is the most commonly used, have a function of decoration. Under the direct, indirect, to illuminate and astigmatism, and other light type. Dome light divided into two categories: embed dome light and absorb dome light. Embed dome light to implicit within the embedded in the ceiling lamp, lamp and ceiling cohesion, usually belong to the direct light to cast. Absorbing dome light is directly installed on the ceiling lamp type, including the fully lighting to shoot the light, diffused light and several kinds of lamp type. Dome light has good dustproof, moisture resistant, soft and light. The lamps and lanterns of wall lamp modern crystal chandelier installed on the wall. For a long time of general lighting and local lighting better lamp type, kratos lighting decoration often choose this lamp, can enrich the insipid metope light and shadow. Desk lamp lighting, commonly used in desk, on the bedside table, tea table. And has a certain decorative. Floor lamp can focus lighting, to supplement the shortage of indoor advocate the lamp lighting. It can move, and according to the need to adjust the height and direction of light, soft light natural light effect. Work light continental crystal droplight in the desk, the place such as sewing table, often the configuration work light. Choose freely adjust the irradiation Angle and the direction of the working light is the most appropriate, and some of the flexible adjustment of floor lamp, lamp can also be served as a job. Shoot the light, there are two styles, one is hidden in the barrel of the ceiling lamp, can be used in the corridor and toilet etc. Another can be arbitrary rotation, the use of concentrated light bulb that is used to illuminate hang a picture on the wall and indoor and other decorations. Strong local lighting can attract people's attention, fully manifest the beauty of art. This paper label: European crystal wall lamp, crystal droplight, zhongshan wholesale crystal chandelier, crystal lighting factory, sheepskin lamp factory, please log in to http://www. zsgzyw。 Com service hotline: 400 0980 - 048
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