Crystal chandelier manufacturer how lighting design in the kitchen

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
Zhongshan lighting factory, modern kitchen modern crystal chandelier lighting should be mainly function consideration because both cut vegetables, washing the dishes need bright light in order to better complete consider only gentle and friendly atmosphere and to set a faint light to peel potatoes and shred such work is of no help. More feasible way is to meet the use function kitchen lighting in the next step to join decorative elements and has certain flexibility to adapt to the different needs. This is a kitchen in the different time adopted by the continental crystal chandelier lighting solution. Various procedures for lunch. The picture on the left side of the refrigerator oven and chopping board light focused on the location of the cutting board, etc. On the right side of the ventilation under the cover of the workspace becomes the focus of the lighting. Shoot the light, because the intensity of illumination is very strong and can adjust the direction of the light to illuminate the local area to make the modern equipment of the kitchen is not only convenient and practical and have a good style. It looks like a space capsule and distribute metal luster, heavy use of stainless steel products including kettle, sink and so on makes the reflection of light and shadow as a complex visual performance. Chinese POTS and other vessels reflects light and led to a strange shadow on the wall. The left figure is put in the room close to shoot the light and the effect after the two lamp on. The choice of the lamp very carefully. Light downier because also engraved with all kinds of texture pattern on the glass indoor for friends to chat and optional activities at this time. To learn more about zhongshan crystal droplight, wholesale crystal chandelier, crystal lighting factory, sheepskin lamp factory, please log in to the WWW. zsgzyw。 com
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