Creative all-copper chandeliers make your home more tonal!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-10
When it comes to European chandeliers, the feeling is retro, luxurious, this rich European flavor; Gradually fade out people's life, now is a fast-paced life, simplicity, personality is pursued by more people. Snooker Mercure launched this time is a creative light luxury style simple copper chandelier. From the heavy European retro to the light luxury style of fashion petty bourgeoisie, it has undergone more than one transformation. This time it is a rebirth. The all-copper chandelier SZ50887 is as bright as a Phoenix. Life is to pursue this constantly, to have tonality, to have a grade, slightly yellow to do the old with translucent crystal, low-key luxury, creative brown PU edging, modern sense, in fact, life is like this! Slow Life, Yue light luxury!
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