crazy with 1500mw levin series blue laser pointer

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-16
What did you do with a very powerful laser indicator?
I didn\'t get a chance to stay in touch with high power cool gadgets until I met the 1500mW Levin series 4NM blue laser indicator.
This is the real power equipment in the world.
This is undoubtedly the masterpiece of the entire laser diode technology.
In the past, there was a lot of talk about the LaserTo 1500mW blue Series blue laser pointer.
People are talking about the world\'s most powerful laser indicator in the form of a 4NM blue laser.
There are a lot of comments and articles about this cool gadget coming up for comment.
Not only are they discussing how strong and dangerous it is, most of them are focusing on its actual performance in practical applications.
There are a lot of reviews, reviews, and even rumors about this production issue, I just decided to use it myself and share my unique experience with this powerful blue laser indicator.
What I\'m sure is whether this 1500mW blue Series blue laser pointer is worth buying.
To confirm the rumors I have heard online, I have a lot to do.
I placed an order from LaserTo and waited a short time.
Delivery took 10 days, a little longer than I expected.
I am very satisfied with the package received from the carrier.
It is still a perfectly packed aluminum suitcase with everything inside intact after long haul shipping and rough handling.
The 1500mW Levin series blue laser pointer is a truly powerful laser shaped like a large size flashlight.
The quality of the construction is really good.
This is the strongest laser I \'ve ever gotten before, an airplane aluminum body material laser
Maintain stability in all kinds of atmosphere.
You can really feel the power and weight of it.
It\'s like you have a real weapon in your hand.
Safety: The key point of this true power blue laser pointer should be its high standard safety design.
It is definitely not a toy, but a 100% laser with multiple safety measures approved by the FDA.
This class IV 1500mW blue Series blue laser pointer is instantly blinding.
Its powerful beam is enough to burn something in an instant.
Unless you experience it yourself, you can never imagine how powerful it will be.
As a high power portable blue laser approved by the FDA, it contains a lot of safeguards.
This includes a power switch lock, a remote connector slot, and a suitcase lock.
Laser indicator cannot be operated directly.
In order to ensure a successful opening and safe pointing, you absolutely need to follow the action.
Here are the steps to operate: Step 1: unscrew the bottom of the laser indicator.
Step 2: insert 2 TR16340 batteries into the laser body with the correct positive and negative electrodes.
Please try inserting negative numbers (-)end first.
Step 3: Remote connector key.
Insert the remote connector key into the remote connector slot.
Step 4: Power switch button.
Turn only the 90 degree power switch key!
You will find that the LED light is on.
The LED light will help you to check if your laser indicator is correct.
Step 5: lens cover.
Rotate counter-clockwise and screw into the lens cover with the correct \"on\" status.
Step 6: press the power switch and turn on the laser pointer.
Step 7: Aperture focusing mechanism.
Rotate the aperture focusing mechanism counter-clockwise to focus the portable laser.
Note: blue light hazard please always be cautious with this 450nm Blue laser indicator and protect your eyes from the radiation of the glare beam.
The 1500 MW blue laser is powerful enough to make people instantly blind or burn.
Please put on the laser safety goggles while pointing at it.
Be sure to be careful and enjoy the laser fan!
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