Courtyard lamp pole determines the service life of courtyard lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
The material of the lamp pole of the courtyard lamp determines the texture and service life of the courtyard lamp. Usually, the lamp pole of the courtyard lamp is divided into the following three materials: stainless steel lamp pole, iron lamp pole, aluminum alloy material 1, stainless steel lamp pole, the method adopted in our country is to carry out hot galvanizing surface treatment. The life of courtyard lamps that meet international standards for hot galvanizing can reach 15 years. Otherwise, it is far from being reached. 2. Iron lamp post: most of our country is this kind of lamp post, but the surface is sprayed (Painting or dusting), Life is 3 ~ 5 years. 3. Aluminum alloy lamp post: made of high-strength aluminum alloy, it not only protects personnel safety humanly, but also has high strength, does not need any surface treatment and has corrosion resistance for more than 50 years, and is very beautiful. It looks more upscale. At present, the current use of these courtyard lamp poles is that iron lamp poles account for the majority of the market, and most of the aluminum alloy lamp poles are exported to foreign countries. Especially in developed countries
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