Count the types of all-copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-13
There are many types of all-copper lamps, and there are generally three common classification methods: first, they can be divided into: ① all-copper lamps in living room, hall and bedroom ( Master bedroom, second bedroom, guest room, children's room, parents' room, etc) (2) all-copper lamps in the hall, porch, corridor and corridor (3) all-copper lamps in the study, kitchen, bathroom, stairs and restaurant (2) all-copper lamps can be divided into all-copper chandeliers, all-copper ceiling lamps and all-copper wall lamps according to the types of all-copper lamps, all copper table lamp, outdoor lamp 3, according to the style of all copper lamps can be divided into: American Style, European style, Chinese style, Mediterranean style, etc.
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