Copper ban diao deng lamp body structure briefly

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-25
The all-copper semi-chandelier consists of a diagonal pull rod and a middle Rod (Straight rod) , Beauty, copper cover, middle column, lamp core, suction top plate, hanging plate and lampshade are combined. The lampshade and lamp core of the all-copper semi-pendant lamp are connected by a diagonal pull rod to form the whole lamp. Before installing the all-copper semi-chandelier, please check whether the accessories are complete and intact according to the installation instructions. After confirming the accessories, you can install the all-copper semi-chandelier. The specific steps are as follows: 1. Fix the hanging plate of all copper semi-chandeliers. Take out the hanging plate of the all-copper semi-chandelier and fix it on the sky. Be careful not to touch the wires when fixing, otherwise the circuit will be blocked. 2. Assemble the all-copper semi-chandelier lamp core----Wiring----Fix the suction cup on the hanging plate with a bald mother--- Test lamp 3. Use a diagonal pull rod to connect the all-copper semi-chandelier lampshade with the ceiling suction cup. 4. Install decorative accessories such as copper cover and beauty. Bulk products need to be installed according to the instructions. All dental roads shall be locked and not loose during the locking process, and shall not be locked too hard. M10 teeth recommended 16- Between the 23KG force range, M12 tooth force 23-37 KG.
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