control scanner light with arduino

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-27
If the scanner in your house is broken or old
This is a really cool project.
Each scanner has a light that moves when the scan is running.
Best of all, the lights can be red, green, blue or mixed.
With Arduino, you can easily change colors the way you want them.
But we need to be careful that these lights will consume a lot of current and damage the Arduino board.
Please check out my video about this project and see what we will do.
This project we need :-scanner light-Arduino-
Three transistors (i used 2222)-
Three resistors (330 ohm)-battery (3,7 or 9 V)-breadboard-
First of all, we need to find a bad or old scanner.
Then we need to extract light from it.
The connector cable of the scanner can have a lot of wires.
We only need four wires, but you need to identify it.
I found the wire I needed with a small 4 V battery.
With the 5v battery, I found that the first wire on the cable is the normal voltage the second wire = the ground of the blue third wire = the gnd of the green fourth wire = the ground of the red.
I weld the wire to connect the cable.
I also fixed it with tape.
It\'s much easier to connect the scan lights now.
Now we need to test our lights and you need a battery and multimeter if you have a battery and multimeter.
I connect the light directly to the 4V battery to find out how much current it needs.
It needs green and blue around 80 am, and red above 200.
The current of the Arduino is too high, so we can\'t connect the light directly to the Arduino.
Check my video for more information: three transistors are needed for this.
In this example, the transistor is used as a switch. Remember!
The current is too large so we can\'t connect the scan light directly to the Arduino board.
We need to use transistors, relays, or other switches.
To do this, you also need two resistors of 330 ohms and you can use a higher value.
You can download the schematic here: there is a problem with the connection G checking this video: The code is very simple.
This is just a simple example of how to change the color.
You can modify the code later.
You can even mix colors to get new ones.
The speed of changing the color is controlled by the delay ()command.
I hope you have a good time and this tutorial works for you!
Have a good day!
Code: void pinM}int timeee=500;
Void digitalW}
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