construction plans for a plant grow light

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-15
Three elements are needed for plant growth: light, soil and water.
These factors are common outdoors, but artificial light sources are almost always needed for indoor gardening. Using a grow-
Even in winter, the lights extend the growing season.
While the rig can be complex and expensive, it is not needed.
You can build a decent plant growth light device by piecing together some basic items that are sold in most homes
Improvements and hardware stores.
Evaluate your basic needs for plant growth light setup before starting construction.
Consider how many plants you will plant and their species.
If you are planning to plant a tray of seedlings, then the installer may not need a large shelf unit and just need a simple desktop frame to hang a lamp.
On the other hand, a large number of tropical plants may require additional space provided by layered shelf units.
Basic set up metal shelf units such as hardware stores and shelf units sold by kitchen supply stores is one of the most flexible and practical options to create a factoryGrowth station.
These shelves are easy to assemble, highly customizable, are a platform for storing plants, and also provide a place to hang growth lights on plants.
Alternatively, by connecting PVC pipes of various lengths with L and T joints, you can create an arched three
Hanging the side frame of the light of growth.
You can use a table or desktop as a plant. Surface growth.
The height of the frame should be as high as the height of the plant you are going to grow.
You can then lift the fixture without the need to adjust the frame.
Since most standard fluorescent lamps are 48 inch long, the horizontal size of the frame should be at least that long.
A very simple framework may have only one
Arch Rod stabilized by T-
The shape of the foot while the more complex frame looks like an open onesided, 3-
D box with two arched frames, connected around the corner by short pipe length to make the frame as wide as possible.
Lamps for indoor plant growth are usually fluorescent lamp lamps.
While specialized plant \"plant lights\" are advertised to make plants grow faster and more robust, basic workshop lamps with horn reflector and with two to four fluorescent bulbs are often more economical, work is also better.
Use a cool white and a warm white bulb to get a mixture of the light wavelengths required for proper plant growth.
No matter which type of frame system you decide to use, chain or pulley systems are necessary as they should always be a few inches from the factory.
Many fluorescent lamps include short chains, but a fully adjustable system requires longer chain lengths in order to reduce the lamps to seedling heights.
Using the small cheap pulleys provided by the hardware store can greatly simplify the process of lifting lights. References (3)
Cornell University, USACost Grow-
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