Congratulations to Mr. Wang for completing the installation of the full copper lamp and officially staying in the new home!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-02
For the all-copper lamp sales staff of snooker, the most happy thing is to see the customer install all the copper lamps purchased and stay in the new home with a happy smile. Today, I would like to share with you the feedback from Mr. Wang on the installation of all-copper lamps. Mr. Wang's house was built by himself. After retirement, he chose to build a small Western-style building in the suburbs, with warm, simple decoration and simple furnishings. The first place to enter is a small entrance hall, which is equipped with a full copper semi-chandelier SZ07018- 04, simple water glass lampshade, all copper lamp body, looks very versatile. Walking in again is the living room. Mr. Wang in the living room chose a small American retro fabric all-copper chandelier. The double-layer looks more atmospheric. There are several distinctive oil paintings hanging on the background wall, the same series of single-head fabric wall lamps are installed on both sides, and the overall combination will not feel too messy. The fan light selected by the restaurant is very popular recently. This is a new style of snooker. The all-copper fan light looks more classy and more warm. The chandelier selected by the master bedroom is very simple. The chandelier of SZ50709 series is also a very simple and small American style. Of course, the same series of bedside wall lamps are certainly indispensable. The area of the second bedroom is smaller, SZ07019- The all-copper semi-chandelier of 04 is a good choice. The best selling style of snooker is simple and elegant. Crystal Square decoration is a highlight. The mahjong room is equipped with this lampshade facing down SC10701- 05, the lampshade is facing down, the light is more concentrated, imagine the scene of friends and family playing mahjong together, how warm it would be. The study is an important place, reading and learning are indispensable, the atmosphere of SC05004- 12 is indeed a good choice, the balcony is very simple, SX06053-04 all copper ceiling lamp is OK. Hall lamp SZ07018- 04 restaurant fan light mahjong room SC10701-05 master bedroom SZ50709-06 second bedroom semi-chandelier SZ07019-04 study SC05004- 12 If you want to know more about snooker's customer's full copper lamp real shot feedback, please remember to contact us: 400-800-7609.
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