Congratulations on being named 'safe production, advanced collective'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
Snooker Mercure! Congratulations to snooker, which was rated as safe production and advanced collective; ! In May 2, 2017, our company was honored to be rated as safe production and advanced collective; . Leaders at all levels strongly support snooker and always adhere to safety first, prevention first and comprehensive management; The safety work policy, pay attention to the construction of safety culture, highlight the strengthening of safety publicity and education, strengthen the awareness of responsibility implementation and advanced management, strengthen the system construction, and effectively avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, ensure safe production. At the same time, we will vigorously implement various safety systems, strengthen various safety inspections, eliminate various potential safety hazards, and ensure safe production; The safety production management policy is the guiding ideology, starting from the daily routine work of the employees, gradually paying attention to safety education, conscientiously implementing the national safety production laws and regulations, and implementing all aspects of the company's safety production. To get such an honor is inseparable from the efforts of every member of the Snooker family. Thank you for your joint efforts. We will continue to work hard and create new achievements!
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