Congratulations! Intelligent copper lamp won the title of high-tech enterprise in Guangdong province

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
On May 16, 2018, the all-copper snooker received the Guangdong High-tech enterprise certificate as scheduled. At this point, the company officially entered the ranks of high-tech enterprises. It has become one of the few enterprises in the lighting industry that have won this honor. According to the relevant provisions of the national 'high-tech enterprise identification management measures' and 'high-tech enterprise identification management guidelines. The reason why snooker can successfully declare high-tech enterprises. It is the cooperation of all departments of the company that has worked hard for more than four years around the pain points of LED in the application of decorative lamps and the intelligence of lamps. After numerous tests, the company has successfully won high-tech enterprises in Guangdong province with 35 invention patents, 15 utility model patents and 123 appearance patents. Less gossip, today Xiaobian will take you to the beauty of the high-tech products of snooker. This is not an ordinary desk lamp, it is a learning desk lamp tailored for children. In addition to the function of no stroboscopic and no eye damage of ordinary LED eye protection table lamp. It can also sense the sitting posture of children through its own sensors. If the sitting posture of children is not correct, it will friendly send out voice prompts. After being prompted for more than three times, it will actively turn off the learning desk lamp. When you adjust your posture, it will light up again. At the same time, children's bad sitting posture will also be recorded, and parents can use this to supervise children's sitting posture. Let's take a look at this high-heat European chandelier component. If one sentence is used to describe this patented product, it is: let all chandeliers become intelligent in seconds. As we all know, the application of LED light source in chandeliers has many pain points, such: the brightness of the light source is not high, the angle of projection is not right, the dark area is large, the color cannot be dimmed, the light decays fast, and the intelligence is not moderate. After thousands of repeated experiments, snooker engineers finally made a smart chandelier LED light source component that can comprehensively solve the above problems, successfully solving this problem. Most worth mentioning is that this smart chandelier LED light source component can be applied to all chandeliers, making all chandeliers smart in seconds.
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