Complete copper lamp interpretation Continental light process

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-13
Speaking of the romantic atmosphere of the exotic style of European-style all-copper lamps, the pronoun of elegance has hovered in my mind. In the vast ocean of lighting industry, European-style lamps stand out from the crowd due to their unique design and fine workmanship. From the material point of view, european lamps are mainly made of resin, pure copper and forged iron. The following are the characteristics of several materials. First, resin and resin lighting in European-style copper lamps generally refer to the process made of POLY resin by grouting, which has the following advantages: 1. The cost of the mold is slightly lower, and the rough blank of the mold is generally carved by hand. The lamps made are exquisite and durable. 2. Because it is a hand-carved mold, it can make various shapes and shapes, which are not limited by processing technology. The exquisite and durable shapes of the lamps are very rich and varied. 3, resin lamp is not delicate, good maintenance. Generally, if you don't bear too much gravity and don't use high temperature roasting, there will be no problem. Even if it falls to the ground, it is not easy to break. 4, the resin has a natural gloss, no matter what color of the resin lamp, it is always a textured light. The surface of the resin lamp can be as smooth as a mirror and feel comfortable. Second, the main body of the iron wrought iron lamp is composed of iron and resin. The iron skeleton can make it more stable, and the resin can make its shape more diversified, most of the lampshades of iron lamps are hand-painted, and the color is mainly warm, so that a warm and soft light can be emitted, it can also set off the elegance and romance of European home decoration. It can also prevent corrosion. The iron art is galvanized to prevent rust. The plating can use 2-No Rust for 3 years, Hot Galvanizing can guarantee 5- No Rust within 10, no man-made damage. Use a 15-20 years is fine.
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