Complete copper lamp copper strip process interpretation

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-13
The copper strip is an important part of the copper lamp glass cover and the lamp body, and it is also a gorgeous embellishment of the glass cover. The general process of copper bars has four steps: material cutting, groove rolling, positioning and Radian rolling. For all-copper lamps, generally speaking, copper bars are bent into U-shapes according to the corresponding Radian, and then the glass cover is wrapped. The copper strip of the all-copper lamp is usually bent by a welding machine. In this way, its Radian has not been accurately measured, and it will be violated if it is directly nested on the lampshade. Therefore, after nesting, we also need to knock and rework the copper bars of all-copper lamps to achieve a compact effect. After the finished product is made, we also need to check the details of the copper strip to see if the structure of the entire copper lamp is harmonious. The inspection points mainly include: 1. Smooth surface, no foaming, concave and convex feeling, no wrinkling 2. The outer edge is flat and there is no folding and exposure. The workmanship is compact and there is no deviation. Of course, it is not enough to make a high-end copper lamp. However, copper bars are a standard that can reflect the details of all copper lamps. The quality of the copper bar directly affects the beauty of the entire structure of the copper lamp. This is a very appropriate interpretation of a sentence: Details determine success or failure!
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