Complete copper lamp copper content 100% really good?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-22
When many customers buy all-copper lamps, the first question they usually ask is: what is the copper content of your copper lamps? ; The salesman told the customer: our copper lamp is 62 copper (Or 65 copper). ; The customer also said: it is not a full copper lamp, why is it not 100% copper? 62 copper is not good, the copper content is too low, then the quality of the lamp is definitely not good! In fact, 100% copper does not exist. First of all, we must understand that copper is a kind of metal with a relatively good texture. It is difficult to shape and is not suitable for lamps. At present, all copper lamps on the market are mostly brass. Brass raw materials are mixed with a certain amount of other alloy elements in proportion to improve the corrosion resistance, strength, hardness and machinability of copper, so as to make a beautiful copper lamp. If the seller tells you when buying all-copper lamps: our copper lamps are 100% all-copper; Please be sure to pay attention, he is either a layman, or the product itself has problems.
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