Complete copper lamp commencement notice

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-17
The Spring Festival holiday has passed, and the snooker is full of copper lamps on February 8 (Lunar January 10 (2) Officially started, snooker all copper lights and all staff to give everyone a new year, I wish you all a big fortune in the year of the Rooster! Good health, good luck! The sound of firecrackers implies that the new year's goods in snooker are rotating and the financial resources are rolling in. The store started early in the morning, opened the door to welcome the guests, and the firecrackers rang! In the new year, snooker also responded to the call of Xi Da, 2017 rolled up their sleeves and cheered! Snooker Mercure all copper lamp will be better and better, for thousands of families to point out the light of happiness! Welcome new and old customers to come to consult and buy! The national toll-free hotline for snooker in America: 400-800-7609.
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