Comparison of all copper lamps with other household lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-20
Generally speaking, the main materials of the lamps we use when decorating the house are nothing more than these, crystal lamps, resin lamps, sheepskin lamps, and all-copper lamps. What are the advantages and disadvantages of all copper lamps compared with these kinds of lighting materials? Let's make a brief introduction. Crystal lamps are now widely used and appear to be generous and high-end. However, in recent years, the quality of products has also dropped a lot due to the extensive use of low-grade crystals. Moreover, if crystal lamps are used for home use, it is relatively difficult to take care of. After a long time, there is more dust on the lamps, which greatly affects the appearance. In addition, because of the use of low-grade crystal, the crystal lamp has a lot of poor light transmission. This also affects the lighting effect of the entire lamp. At present, the use of European resin lamps in families is gradually increasing, especially in some European decoration styles, there are more European resin lamps, but one of the major problems of resin lamps is that they are not too environmentally friendly, moreover, after long-term use, the resin lamp is prone to discoloration and shedding, which is difficult to maintain and take care. The sheepskin lamp is relatively cheap and suitable for Chinese decoration style. However, the sheepskin used in the sheepskin lamp is now imitation sheepskin. After a long time of illumination, it is very prone to discoloration, there is no previous light transmission, but it turns yellow. At the same time, because of the material, the sheepskin lamp is also easier to attract flying insects. Compared with the lamps made of these materials, the all-copper lamps will not have the above problems. The all-copper lamps are more durable and will not change color after long-term use. However, all-copper lamps are not suitable for use in humid places. If the air moisture is relatively heavy, they should be taken care of frequently so that the copper lamps can maintain a brand-new effect for a long time.
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