[Comment] Who will prosper for the energy-saving lamp market?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-02

Yesterday, Premier Wen Jiabao presided over the State Council executive meeting to study and deploy the fuel-saving festival. Electrical work and energy conservation initiatives. In terms of lighting, the meeting called for the promotion of efficient lighting products. Strength, in the next two years, government agencies in large and medium-sized cities, urban road lighting, hotels, restaurants, public All venues and other low-efficiency lighting products are eliminated.

The units or places specified at the meeting have always been large consumers of electricity, the lives of ordinary residents. Living lighting, compared with these places, is simply a small witch, not at the same level on. When the promotion of energy-saving lamps in China was fully rolled out, Premier Wen Jiabao requested that within two years These places are all replaced with high-efficiency lighting products, which is expected. Energy saving after changing lights It can also be expected.

It is the ongoing promotion of energy-saving lamps that is ahead of these 'expectations' and has achieved certain results. jobs.

The promotion of energy-saving lamps in my country can be spread across the country, which of course is related to the government. There is a big relationship between promotion efforts. The root of this strength is the financial subsidy government implemented by the central government. Policy. The implementation of this policy, at a macro level, aims to save energy and protect the environment; At the level, it has made the general public affordable. Therefore, the promotion of energy-saving lamps in China Under the impetus of the local government, it was carried out in full swing.

The government promotes energy-saving lamps by means of financial subsidies. This is obviously a popular project for the people. It will benefit thousands of ordinary people. Of course, we are beyond reproach. But for the lighting industry For businesses, some places are still worth questioning.

In general, it is clear that the country’s vigorous promotion of energy-saving lamps is conducive to the prosperity of the energy-saving lamp market. It is also a great advantage for the energy-saving lamps winning bidders. But when we think about it carefully, we will find out Those who have taken advantage of this 'good' and enjoyed 'market prosperity' are the ones that won the bid for energy-saving lamps. And small and medium-sized production enterprises of energy-saving lamps may suffer from “market boom”.

The prosperity of the energy-saving lamp market will certainly not be a false prosperity, so why do small and medium-sized manufacturing companies Are you affected? They will face the dilemma of shrinking living space, and even eventually they may be forced to retreat. Out of the energy-saving lamp market.

As everyone knows, the companies that won the bid are all manufacturers with certain strength, and even can be said to be the industry. Leading enterprise within. They have a great advantage in the production and sales of energy-saving lamps. After winning the bid, they received the government’s “financial support”, which made them even more powerful and could dominate the party. Market; can even implement strong cross-regional cooperation, forming a monopoly in the energy-saving lamp market So that the strong is stronger and the weak is weaker.

Time, place, and people, the winning bidder has already taken up. Faced with the favorable conditions that have been or are about to be lost, some small and medium-sized production enterprises with energy-saving lamps that have a strong sense of crisis have already issued such doubts: 'Energy saving is the responsibility of the whole people, and it is also the responsibility of tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises. Why do you want to strip more of your participation rights?' This question may not have much rationality from the perspective of the policies implemented, but from the perspective of enterprise development, it is full of concerns about the future. The living space of large enterprises is expanding rapidly, and the living space of small enterprises is shrinking. In the near future, some small and medium-sized production enterprises of domestic energy-saving lamps will likely be swept away by the market.

In the long term, the market demand for energy-saving lamps will continue to rise, which will form A huge cake, but this cake is not a part of it, because it has lost the possibility of subdivision to some extent. Therefore, the market of energy-saving lamps that will prosper in the future may be just a solo dance of several giants, not a pop-up of civilians.

Write/Edit: China Lighting Network Chusi

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