[Comment] Wenchuan Rural Power, not just for the Olympics

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-02

In another two weeks or so, Wenchuan rural areas are estimated to be able to electrify villages and villages. Not only can people have normal lighting power, but they can also watch the live broadcast of the Olympic Games, and don't worry. power failure. This is the information disclosed in the news report released by Xinhuanet yesterday.

The Wenchuan earthquake has been over for more than two months, and post-disaster reconstruction work has now been fully rolled out. The letter has also made good progress. However, according to the news released by Xinhuanet, Wenchuan rural areas The power-on problem still has some debatable points.

This report from front to back emphasizes that people in the region can watch the Olympics during the Olympics. Broadcasting, for people's daily use of electricity and lighting power is not too much involved. Of course, we are completely reasonable. It is believed that in the case of watching the live broadcast of the Olympics, people's lighting power must be guaranteed. But if I Let’s think about it again. If this year, China did not host the Olympic Games during this period, then it means that it means The affected people in the rural areas of Sichuan will still not use electricity during this period, they will still live without What about the darkness of electric lighting?

This is not impossible. The central government and the media concerned about the hardships of people’s livelihood are of course concerned about folk songs. However, local governments are inevitably 'smeared with grease.' Local government officials can take pictures of the chest when facing the media I am determined to say that I will 'exclude all difficulties and fight for victory', but will it be true? Therefore, we are always worried. Because some local governments are facing superior instructions, there are too many yangs. The act of violating the yin, let alone facing the media? So often force us to have to be 'small The heart of the people is to the belly of the 'official government.'

'I have always used malicious people to speculate on the Chinese.' This is the confession of Mr. Lu Xun, we Of course, I will also remember. At the intersection of the extraordinary moment of the Wenchuan earthquake and the special period of the Beijing Olympics Ninety-nine percent of us tend to believe that Luo Mingcai, deputy chief engineer of Sichuan Zigong Power Bureau, introduced Situation: Before the Olympics, rural lighting power in Wenchuan County will be restored after the earthquake. But we also keep One percent of distrust, because according to Luo Ming, the local power sector is only 'working hard to ensure that Austria There is no blackout during the operation.'

And how effective their efforts can be, whether the power-up area after the Olympics can still use electricity, On this basis, how much can they expand the power supply surface? We are not asking questions like this Know it. So for their commitment, we can only make a discount again, even though they have done their job. Doing a lot of responsibility for the reconstruction of the disaster area.

Write/Edit: China Lighting Network Wu Yu

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