[Comment] The meaning of the 'specimen' of Huang Zhimin, the edge of the lighting industry

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-02

Laid-off workers who can show up in various media always have something different. On July 28th in Lan Huang Zhimin, a laid-off employee of the Lanzhou Coal Mine Machinery Factory of the Evening News of the State Evening News, is also a bit Different: he can sculpt landscapes and flowers on commonly used lighting bulbs and tubes to increase general lighting. Add a touch of artistic color. According to the newspaper, Huang Zhimin has created more than 3,000 pieces of lamp carvings in the past 12 years. The work has become a veritable 'light carving champion'.

As the saying goes: 'Three hundred and sixty lines, the line is the champion.' Behind these champions, there are often many There are various kinds of bitterness. For example, Huang Zhimin, if it is not the Lanzhou Coal Mine Machinery Factory, the benefits are not good, directly lead to The laid-off, which brings life problems, he may not become today's 'light carving champion'. and More different, he chose to engage in lamp carving, but it was caused by a daily change of light bulbs. I felt that 'it can be engraved on wood or porcelain, so it should be possible on the bulb.' This The transition before and after is just a matter of thought. Between this thought, it is enough for the person with Huigen to become a Buddha. However, it is enough for Huang Zhimin, who has a foundation for painting, to successfully 'transform' - from the laid-off workers of the past to become The 'light carving champion' of the day.

This 'light carving champion' four words, of course, is only a secular title, there is no practical meaning. What really makes sense is the lamp carving technique that the owner of the four characters has. Use Huang Zhimin’s own words Said that his lamp carving skills have been recognized by the carving industry in Lanzhou. Huang Zhimin is able to get today's Achievements, this should also be the old saying that Han Yu’s 'there is a specialization in the industry.' His 'bugs and tricks' are carving In terms of industry, it is rare to be recognized by the mainstream, but it is also commendable.

In general, art is divided into elegance and popular, as well as civilians and aristocrats. Apparently If we want to classify Huang Zhimin’s works of art, he certainly belongs to civilians and popularization. One type. But whether he belongs to aristocratic or civilian, it doesn't matter; what matters is that His lamp carving activities not only helped him to achieve the 'light carving' from the workers to the unemployed. The change of identity, and more importantly, he found a spiritual sustenance and another way of making a living. .

No matter how it is measured, today's Huang Zhimin is a success. Maybe someone would think that his To a certain extent, success is forced by life. But we can easily find out from his self-report, except this His success mainly stems from two points: First, dare to try. Before him, there was never someone on the light bulb. After carving, he became the first person to eat crabs, and he made progress with perseverance. Gong. The second is full of confidence in the future. He said: 'The laid-off workers have a hard life, but as long as we don't let go Abandon life, believe that the future will be in your own hands, and you can still succeed. 'Today, his words I was finally verified. All of this is due to his persistence, his courage and confidence.

A 'successful person' like Huang Zhimin believes that it is not a minority in life, but like him. I am afraid that there are not many sculptures on the light bulb and some achievements. But the lighting industry' The orthodox lamp carvings are not like Huang Zhimin’s 'returning to the truth', and they have another important realm. It can be said that there is a difference between Huang Zhimin's 'light carving'.

In fact, as far as Huang Zhimin’s current situation is concerned, he can only be regarded as lighting in the lighting industry. The edge of the industry. Because he is outside the core of the lighting industry, it is only the end of the lighting industry chain. Dependent. For the lighting industry, he is insignificant, but for him, he is labeled as a laid-off worker. The crowd of people and the ever-changing era have a certain meaning of 'specimen'.

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