[Comment] Midsummer lighting saves electricity, the government should play a leading role

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-02

Midsummer. Power shortage. Since the second half of 2004, these two words will always appear in China at the same time. Among the reports of major media, it has become a hot topic in society. This year is no exception.

As early as June 2, Yu Yanshan, deputy director of the General Office of the Electricity Regulatory Commission, pointed out that China’s electricity is severe this summer. Heavy gap, the summer peak power gap in the southern region may reach about 8 million kilowatts. So, look at today The promotion of energy-saving lamps in the year, the wind of lighting and electricity is growing, this problem has become a meal after people have had a meal. At the same time of hot topics, it is also greatly concerned by the media.

On July 8th, 'Shanxi Evening News' reported that Shanxi will have more than 100 provincial offices. Replace energy efficient lamps. These luminaires are expected to save more than 4 million kWh per year, and these saved electricity Providing 2 months of electricity to 8,000 households.

The direct units of Shanxi Province have completely replaced high-efficiency energy-saving lamps, which is not the first in the country. in Prior to this, many city government agencies in many provinces began to replace energy-saving lamps. For example, Nanjing Government agencies in Fuzhou and other places have taken 'light-changing actions' long before. But Shanxi is the production of China. In the major coal-producing provinces and major power transmission provinces, the provincial government directly changed the lights this time, which further proves that this summer The lack of demand for power. Their action, in terms of lighting and electricity saving It has played a very good role as a model, and it also has a strong warning significance.

Some media reported that the power shortage this summer is second only to 2004, when half of the country There was a power outage in the upper area, and the total power gap was as high as 40 million kilowatts. Shanxi, a major coal producing province, at the end of June this year The power gap is close to 5 million kilowatts, one-third of its total demand, and in the next few months, Power shortages will continue to increase due to insufficient supply of coal.

One leaf knows the autumn, and sees the spotted leopard. It is not difficult to know from the huge power gap in Shanxi that this summer The severity of the power shortage. (There are of course many reasons for the shortage of electricity, such as low coal stocks, Reduced water resources, Sichuan earthquakes, and hot weather have led to increased electricity consumption. ) in response to high electricity consumption Peak, local governments have introduced electricity plans, taking various measures to peak summer.

In terms of lighting, the measures adopted throughout the country are to limit lighting, for example, to switch to high efficiency. Lighting fixtures, urban roads with interval lighting, urban landscape lighting during peak hours are all stopped Use, etc., of course, these measures can effectively reduce a lot of lighting power, dilute the 'electricity shortage' Heavy. However, in normal office and living electricity, there is also a lot of power saving space, and in these two Among them, government agencies have always been the 'big households' of electricity consumption, and the lighting power of government agencies has taken up normal office. And the vast majority of electricity used in life. Therefore, reducing government lighting power will also greatly ease Sheng The lack of electricity in the summer.

The 'change of lights' move of the province of Shanxi Province, the province of energy, can be said to be taken at a critical moment. The correct action has brought a good head to the local government agencies to save lighting power. But from another In terms of angle, it is also equivalent to ringing another government unit that is still in a state of “understood”. Remember the alarm bell. In this severely power-stricken summer, local government agencies should take active actions for the midsummer Lighting power saving plays a role as a model.

Write/Edit: China Lighting Network Chusi

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